Top Gun Award Challenge

The object of this award is encourage members to participate in as many contests and be awarded for achieving certain point levels.

Acheivement Levels

Basic:  1 million points accumulated in one year or multiple years

Aviator: 10 miilion points or an additional 9 million points once achieving the BASIC level.

ACE:  25 million points or an additional 15 million points once achieving the AVAITOR level.

Flight Commander: 50 million points or an additional 25 million points once achieving the ACE level.

Squardron Commander:  100 million points or an additional 50 million points once achieving the FLIGHT COMMANDER level.


1.  Open to GMCC members only.  Members can track their points on the annual score pages on the GMCC website.

2.  All past or new holders of the original Top Gun Award start accumulating points on January 1, 2010.  Everyone in this catagory will start with 1 million points and continue to accumulate points toward the next level.

3.  The Challenge award is for single operator efforts at your home, mobile or portable, gues or expedition.  If you were an operator at a multi-op station you may use a portion of the scores for your fractional part of the operation.  Example:  If you were part of a three man operation you may accumulate one third of the final score.

4.  All scores submitted are claimed scores and are based on the honor system.

5.  The Board has taken note that some contest award an extremely high number of points despite a low number of contacts.  Therefore the Board reserves the right to exclude certain contests from accumulating points toward awards.  Any problems or issues involving the award program will be resolved by the Board.